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Clinical Practice Guidelines

L.A. Care systematically reviews and adopts evidence-based Clinical Practice and Preventive Health Guidelines promulgated from peer reviewed sources and from organizations like the National Guideline Clearinghouse and U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Guidelines for diseases and health conditions identified as most salient to L.A. Care members for the provision of preventive, acute or chronic medical and behavioral health services are regularly reviewed by L.A. Care’s Joint ‘Performance Improvement Collaborative Committee’ and ‘Physician Quality Committee’ to help improve the delivery of health care services to members.

Clinical Practice and Preventive Health Guidelines adopted by L.A. Care

In September of 2016 DHCS released an important update concerning reporting requirements for Provider Preventable Conditions. More information on this update is available by reviewing the Important Update From DHCS.


Preventive Health Guideline Brochures for Your Practice

Our preventive health guideline brochures may be displayed in patient areas like exam and waiting rooms. For hard copies, please visit our health education tools

Brochure for Children and Teens

Brochure for Children and Teens (En Español)

Brochure for Adults 

Brochure for Adults (En Español)

Brochure for Older Adults

Brochure for Older Adults (En Español)