Provider Recruitment Program

L.A. Care's Elevating the Safety Net is a long-term initiative to recruit high-quality primary care physicians into the Los Angeles County safety net. Each recruit could care for up to 2,000 new patients per year.

The Elevating the Safety Net Provider Recruitment Program is one part of this initiative. The program provides grant funds that will allow contracted providers within L.A. Care's Medi-Cal network to better compete with practices outside of the safety net.



L.A. Care is pleased to announce that the fourth grantmaking cycle for the Elevating the Safety Net Provider Recruitment Program is now open.

The goal of this Request for Applications (RFA) is to attract new physicians to L.A. Care's Medi-Cal network, and to increase health care access to low-income populations in Los Angeles County. It is designed to recruit primary care physicians who are Board-eligible or Board-certified, including pediatricians, OB/GYNs, family and internal medicine physicians.  



This RFA is open to contracted providers with L.A. Care. Applicants may request up to $125,000 per organization. Funds can be used for salary and benefits subsidies, sign-on bonuses, and/or relocation costs. At least 50% of the funds must be used for salary and benefits subsidies.

Contracted providers are limited to one provider award per funding cycle. Total funding available for the Provider Recruitment Program is $3 million.



For the fourth application cycle, electronic and hard copy applications are due no later than Thursday, June 6, 2019 on or before 2:00 p.m. Award announcements for the fourth cycle will be made by the end of August 2019.

The next PRP grant cycle will likely open starting in September 2019. Please visit our website regularly for updates.



Review the Request for Applications document carefully, as it details our application process and important deadlines. We also have a FAQ document to assist you further in understanding the scope of this RFA.

Request for Applications (RFA)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you would like to apply for a PRP grant, please request the Grant Application, Budget Template and W-9 form by messaging Community Benefits.

Request Materials


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply?

There is a two-step application submission process. All applicants must submit electronic application materials AND mail overnight hard copy documents as described in the RFA, Section VIII: APPLICATION SUBMISSION. If you would like to apply for a PRP grant, please request the Grant Application, Budget Template and W-9 form by sending a message to Community Benefits using our web form. Once you have completed the application materials, please email the three-page application, one-page budget, and other required documents to

When is the deadline to apply?

Although you may apply anytime, you are encouraged to submit your application prior to the quarterly cycle deadlines as noted in the RFA.

Do I need to identify a physician prior to applying?

No. If awarded, however, you must hire a physician within six months from the date of L.A. Care's award letter.

If I hired a physician prior to submitting my application, am I eligible for funds?

Yes, applicants qualify for funds if hiring occurred as early as three months prior to the cycle deadline, in addition to meeting all other eligibility criteria.

What if I hire more than one physician during a given application cycle?

Applicants are limited to one award per funding cycle. We are planning to have up to four cycles per year.

Can I use these funds to hire a part-time physician?

Yes. However, the physician must provide at least 16 hours of direct patient care per week. The full award amount of $125,000 is only available if physician provides 32 hours of direct care.

Are funds available to hire mid-levels and specialists?

Not at this time, but future funding may be offered to recruit mid-levels and specialists.

Do Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) qualify for this program?

Yes. However, DO's must meet all criteria listed in RFA, Section III Eligibility Criteria.

Will all applicants receive an award?

This is a competitive process and a number of factors will be considered, such as need and the ability of the contracted provider to support future growth. Therefore, not all applicants may receive an award. For more details, refer to the RFA, Section IV Competitive Proposals.

How and when will applicants be notified of official awards?

Upon review of all applications, L.A. Care will notify applicants of official awards via email, regular mail, or both within eight weeks from the cycle deadline.

If awarded, how soon can I expect to receive funds?

If awarded, 50% of funds will be disbursed when a qualified physician has accepted an offer of employment with the contracted provider. The remaining 50% will be disbursed when the physician clears L.A. Care's credentialing process.

What happens if the hired physician does not complete at least 36 months of service?

The contracted provider is required to replace the physician within six months from departure to fulfill the remaining service requirement.

Can I also refer a physician to apply for the Physician Loan Repayment funds?

Yes, we highly encourage individual physicians who meet program criteria to apply for Physician Loan Repayment Program funds. For more information, please refer to the RFA, Section VI Physician Loan Repayment Program or visit our Physician Loan Repayment web page.

How can I get more information about the program and application process?

We encourage you to join at least one of the informational calls offered during the application cycle. Please refer to the RFA Section VII Informational Conference Calls for dates, times and instructions. 

Can IPAs submit an application?

No. Only contracted providers that directly hire physicians and provide direct clinical services are eligible to apply for this program.

How do I know if I am in good standing with L.A. Care?

Good standing will be determined based on your performance and history with L.A. Care.

Can the hired physician practice at multiple sites/locations within my practice/clinic?

Yes, and when calculating the hours of direct patient care for the application, the hours should be cumulative.

Does patient population mean total for all my sites or only where the physician will practice?

Of all sites contracted under L.A. Care Health Plan's Medi-Cal network.

My practice doesn’t have a mission statement. How do I answer question 8 on page 3?

Focus on evidence of your practice’s commitment to serve Medi-Cal and/or uninsured populations.

Can I use all of the funds for the physician’s salary and benefits?

Yes, you may use the entire award for the physician's salary and benefits. The total award amount will still be prorated based on the hours of direct patient care given, using 32 hours of direct patient care as a baseline to receive 100% of the award amount.

Is there a percentage cap for the benefit calculation?

There is no cap for the benefits calculation.

Do you allow indirect costs?

We do not permit indirect costs for this RFA.

Can we add the costs of a recruitment firm to the budget?

Recruitment firms are not an allowed cost.