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Health Advisories

L.A. Care maintains a strong commitment to helping our Provider Network stay informed of news alerts regarding communicable diseases within Los Angeles County. Below you will an ongoing list of Health Advisories and associated required actions. Advisories will remain until they are formally cleared by either the CDC or L.A. County of Public Health.

August 28, 2019

CDPH Health Update: Vaping-Associated Pulmonary Injury


May 24, 2019

LAC DPH Health Update: Measles Situation Update and Revised Clinical Guidance


April 26, 2019

LAC DPH Health Update: Measles Prevention in Los Angeles County


April 23, 2019

LAC DPH Health Alert: Measles Outbreak in Los Angeles County


October 21, 2016

Issue Brief - Meningococcal Disease Outbreak Advisory

February 2, 2016

Issue Brief - Zika Virus Infection

February 6, 2015

Issue Brief – Measles Outreak in Los Angeles County

October 23, 2014

Issue Brief – Ebola Resources