Tranquada Grant Equipment Fair - L.A. Care's Commitment to the Community

Friday, January 12, 2018

L.A. Care hosted an adjustable exam medical equipment fair for community clinic partners. The fair demonstrated equipment that clinics would be able to purchase using recently awarded Tranquada grants.

Created by L.A. Care, the Dr. Robert E. Tranquada Health Care Safety Net Awards are intended to help community clinics in Los Angeles County invest in strategic infrastructure improvement projects that would help position clinics for long-term growth.

L.A Care organized the event as a response to community members raising the issue of a lack of adjustable exam equipment for those with disabilities. People with disabilities, particularly those in wheelchairs or with other mobility issues, were not getting examined properly during medical visits because clinics only had standard equipment.

It was brought to me by one of my members that she was having a hard time finding a place to go for her exam. We discussed it as a committee and we brought it to our ECAC [L.A. Care's Executive Community Advisory Committee].

They discussed it, we made a motion, we voted on it and it was moved to the Board of Governors.

--Wilma Ballew, L.A. Care Member and 
Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) Council Chair, San Fernando Valley

The fact that members were able to initiate this effort and encourage the Board of Governors to support it is a great example of L.A. Care's commitment to elevating community voices and its commitment to meaningful partnerships. Learn more about how members can get more involved in such efforts, especially through the Coordinated Care Initiative and other community committees.


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