POLITICO Asks L.A. Care's CEO About the ACA Mandate Repeal

Thursday, December 21, 2017

POLITICO asked L.A. Care CEO John Baackes about the decision by Congress to end the tax penalties associated with the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate in "CHIP gets some funding, but will Democrats go along?

“The mandate was critical. The subsidies were critical,” said John Baackes, CEO of L.A. Care Health Plan, which expects to have more than 50,000 exchange customers next year. “We’ve taken away one of those blocks now. It makes the whole thing wobbly.”

Read the full statement by John Baackes on the tax bill's impact on our healthcare system.

About L.A. Care Health Plan

L.A. Care Health Plan is a public entity and community-accountable health plan serving residents of Los Angeles County through a variety of health coverage programs including L.A. Care Covered™,  Medi-CalL.A. Care Cal MediConnect Plan and PASC-SEIU Homecare Workers Health Care Plan. L.A. Care is a leader in developing new programs through innovative partnerships designed to provide health coverage to vulnerable populations and to support the safety net. With more than 2 million members, L.A. Care is the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan.