L.A. Care Pilots Program to Train In-Home Supportive Services Caregivers

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Effort Focuses on Improving Care for Dual Eligibles
LOS ANGELES — L.A. Care Health Plan has launched a pilot program with the California Long Term Care Education Center (CLTCEC) to provide training and education to In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) caregivers of Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries, also known as dual eligibles. By supporting IHSS caregivers, the program aims to further enhance care for L.A. Care’s dual eligible members through care management, continuity of care and enhanced communication. 
Our dual eligible members have some of the most complex health care needs, so we are excited to partner with CLTCEC on a program that will benefit not only our members, but approximately 900 of their caregivers, of which more than 60 percent have already been trained. It is our hope that the newly-trained caregivers will be better prepared for a more active and integrated role in the care of our members, which will ultimately help our members remain in their homes and communities. 
John Baackes
CEO, L.A. Care
Graduation ceremonies for the second trimester of courses begin today. The third trimester gets started in mid-February. 
The IHSS+ Provider Training Program is a 10-week, in-person training course that prepares caregivers to become a recognized member of the beneficiary’s interdisciplinary care team. Caregivers are trained on practical skills, including: 
  • CPR/first aid
  • Infection control
  • Nutrition/diet
  • Body mechanics
  • L.A. Care’s Model of Care and how to utilize L.A. Care services


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