Dental Services


If you are a Medi-Cal member, there are some services L.A. Care Health Plan will cover. Please review the L.A. Care Medi-Cal Member Handbook to learn more about the dental services you can get. For other dental services, Denti-Cal is your dental services provider. To learn more about Denti-Cal or to find a dentist, call Denti-Cal at 1-800-322-6384 (TTY 1-800-735-2922).

L.A. Care Covered™ and L.A. Care Covered Direct™

We cover dental and orthodontic services for children up to the age of 19. We do not cover adults, except for certain circumstances. See below. 

  • Pediatric Coverage: Children up to the age of 19 can receive dental and orthodontic services from Liberty Dental providers.  The level of dental services covered range from preventive and basic care like cleanings and fluoride treatments to some major services, such as root canals and extractions.  For more information on the services covered and assistance locating participating providers, contact Liberty Dental at 1-888-700-5243 (TTY/TDD 1-877-855-8039). 
  • Adult Coverage: Adults are not covered for basic, preventive, major dental services or orthodontic care. Adults may be eligible for dental services following accidental injury to teeth and dental services resulting from medical treatment, such as surgery on the jawbone and radiation treatment. 

Review your Evidence of Coverage (Member Handbook) for important information about dental coverage offered by your plan with L.A. Care Covered™ or L.A. Care Covered Direct™  or call Member Services at 1-855-270-2327 (TTY/TDD 711) for more details.


Dental services are covered only when medically necessary. There is no coverage for routine dental services (for example, cleaning, cosmetic, etc.). Routine dental coverage is offered separately and paid through a monthly payroll deduction to SEIU. For information, contact SEIU at 1-877-698-5829.