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Consumer Advisory Councils

Be a part of two unique volunteer groups — our Regional Community Advisory Committees (RCACs) and Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) Councils — that help L.A. Care Health Plan meet the needs of the community.


Coordinated Care Initiative Council

The Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI) is a state program designed to help improve care for seniors and people with disabilities who are eligible for both Medi-Cal and Medicare.

L.A. Care's CCI Councils teach seniors and people with disabilities about CCI and the Cal MediConnect Plan. Our four CCI Councils cover the Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley, South Los Angeles and Long Beach.


Regional Community Advisory Committee

L.A. Care's 11 Regional Community Advisory Committees (RCAC) are made up of L.A. Care members, doctors, nurses, community-based organizations and other health care providers.

These stakeholders bring the voice of their communities directly to L.A. Care's Board of Governors, which guides health care programs for more than 2.2 million members. As an RCAC member, you would:

  • help L.A. Care understand health care issues that impact the people who live in your area
  • act as the eyes and ears of L.A. Care in 11 RCAC regions throughout Los Angeles County
  • provides free health information to people in your community


Member Testimonials

See what RCAC and CCI Council members have to say.


RCAC and CCI Council Membership - Who We're Looking For
  • L.A. Care members of one of our health plans or a parent of an L.A. Care member
  • Members who live in one of our 11 RCAC regions
  • Members over 18 years of age with a commitment to community health activities
  • Seniors and people with disabilities who want to promote better health in their communities
  • Community-based groups (CBOs) and advocate groups to participate in our RCACs


How to Join

Volunteer your time and help your community. Join a RCAC or CCI Council in the region where you live. You must be an L.A. Care member or a parent of an L.A. Care member.

L.A. Care also welcomes community-based groups (CBOs) and advocate groups to participate in our RCACs.

If you are interested in joining, send us a message.
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