Why Join

If you currently work with Medicare and/or Medi-Cal patients, you will receive many benefits from joining the L.A. Care Network.

Health Care Simplification

Health care providers within L.A. Care’s network experience consistent financial stability and administrative simplification, receiving regular payments from a single payer, with one billing address and one telephone number for questions and assistance.

Care Coordination

Both providers and patients will benefit from an optimized coordination of Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits. Coordinated care removes the uncertainty providers and patients may currently experience in trying to determine whether to contact Medicare, Medi-Cal or another agency for care. L.A. Care helps providers get their patients the care and services they need.

Access to New Patients and Support Services

Providers will have access to a new group of patients, new relationships with service providers such as home health, and health information exchange systems and tele-health opportunities.

Looking Ahead

Health care providers working with L.A. Care are better positioned to continue treating their Medi-Cal and Medicare beneficiaries over the long term.