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Tom Schwaninger

Tom Schwaninger

Tom Schwaninger, Chief Information Officer

Tom Schwaninger serves as Chief Information Officer for L.A. Care Health Plan. He is an information technology executive and business leader with pragmatic vision, business acumen, technical knowledge and program management skills, including significant international achievements. Mr. Schwaninger has successfully developed and implemented global IT strategies delivering business value across various industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, biotech/pharma, non-profits, distribution, manufacturing and supply chain management.

During his career, Mr. Schwaninger has served as Chief Information Officer in both large and mid- sized organizations. He was Vice President and Chief Information Officer for MetLife's international business. Mr. Schwaninger held the position of Chief Information Officer for New York Life International with a focus on insurance in high-growth markets where he enhanced the IT capabilities across its businesses in emerging markets including China, India and Mexico.

As Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the American Red Cross, a $3 Billion organization, Mr. Schwaninger led the transformation of systems that coordinated and distributed relief to victims of more than 67,000 disasters each year; managed nearly half of the nation's FDA- regulated blood supply; delivered training in life saving skills to nearly 12 million citizens annually; and provided community services through nearly 1,000 chapters nationwide.

He earned a Bachelor's of Science in computer science from Purdue University and a Master's of Business Administration from Stanford University. Mr. Schwaninger has also published articles in industry journals and has spoken at numerous conferences on information technology and business.